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Premium pet wellness
comes home.

Unleashed Life is proud to introduce Apawthikare. After forever changing the standards in the pet

industry by creating luxurious pet beds, designer bowls and elevated feeders, it was time to raise

the bar for how we treat a pet's other needs...their health.

We all want the very best for our pets, and here are 4 reasons why Apawthikare is the best.


This unique skin-healthy line offers three topical solutions made for
three specific needs:
Detox is a lightweight hydrating formula that neutralizes and eliminates odors while promoting healthy skin and fur. This one step treatment can be used as a rinse
free bath.

Neutralizes odor rather than masking it with

   irritating fragrance.


Antioxidants and Aloe Vera moisturize and

   protect skin and fur.


Contains Antimicrobials to kill harmful



Does not remove topical flea and tick


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